Blacktail Fishing Hooks


About Blacktail Fishing HooksManufactured by Kumho in Korea

Great Quality Hooks with Competitive Prices.  Introduced to the US market as Golden Lake Hooks since 1995.  We are now re-introducing our best quality BLACKTAIL hooks to the US market with more variety.

Blacktail is the US brand of Kumho hooks that was re-introduced in 2018.
It is getting registered with USPTO, with the trademark pending, to serve US anglers with quality hooks.
Some people already know by Golden Lake hooks, Carp Spring Hooks, and packaged Snelled Hook.
We are now bringing a whole series of Saltwater and Freshwater hooks into the US.

Please contact our US Distribution Center, Chaeil Fishing Tackle USA Inc. for your inquiries to become a dealer for Blacktail Hooks.

Sky Inkyu Hwang(Founder/Owner of Blacktail Fishing) &
Jacob Moreno(Captain/Owner of Pescador Sportfishing) on their trip together to  San Nicolas Island, CA

My goal is having Blacktail hook on every tail of fisherman’s rig, by supplying good quality hook at honest pricing so everyone can use them, and more people could go fishing.

— Sky Inkyu Hwang

Kwang Lee with his record Yellowtail

Kwang Lee, former president of Chaeil Fishing Tackle and the retired IGFA World Record Holder for Yellowtail in 30 lb line class, caught his 63lb Yellowtail with Kumho Livebait hook #2/0. He introduced me to Kumho hooks 20 years ago, and they are great. If they are good enough for World Record Holder, it’s good enough for me.

— Edward Halterman

Edward(Left) & Kwang Lee(Right) on their trip together to  Santa Catalina Island, CA

– About our factory in Korea,

Kumho Fishing Tackle Co. was established in 1979 by Mr.Kim Hwakyu. He was an engineer and has focused on technological advances to produce high quality hooks. Now 70 crews belong to Kumho and they lead Korea’s fishing hook industry.
Quality control is at the heart of the operation with all of the attention given to it while still being in line with the ‘ISO 9001’ regulation.
Kumho Fishing Tackle Co. produce literally tens of thousands of different items, such as Freshwater, Saltwater, Worm Hook, Jig Hook, Fly hook and stainless steel hooks as well as sport fishing hooks.
We are confident that these hooks are the essentials to any customer’s tackle, and are the highlight of everyone’s attention.